Welcome to the Wargaming.Net League!

The Wargaming.Net League is a global competition for teams from all around the globe. The league starts off with twelve teams from the CIS, EU, and APAC regions along with ten from North America.

Participating in a Gold Series comprising of two seasons, each team will fight in their respective regions to crown a champion. In Season 2 after possible promotions and demotions each region will then transition to an eight team format.

After Season 1, the top two teams from each region excluding the CIS, will compete against each other in the Challengers Rumble.

The top two teams from the Challengers Rumble will then have the chance to play in the Champions Rumble where they will be facing a previous Grand Finals winner and another team from the CIS region.

The winner of the Champions Rumble will directly qualify to the Wargaming.Net League Grand Finals 2017, where the best World of Tanks team in the world will be crowned.