Quest Guide

What is a quest?

A quest is a set of objectives (see below) to be fulfilled during the live stream.

What is the reward?

Rewards can only be won in your own region, i.e. if your WoT account is from the Europe, you can only get a reward from WGL EU streams.

When you complete the Quest by reaching all the quest’s objectives, you will have a chance to win a prize, such as Premium time or XP boosts. The winner is chosen randomly from all the people who have successfully completed the Quest during the stream. This is a raffle, meaning that not everyone who completes the quest is selected to win the prize.

For WGLEU, there is one quest per match, three per day, and an additional full day quest on every show day (on Thursday, Friday and Sunday).

How to complete a quest?

Once you've completed all of the objectives (ex. number of polls done, social media share) for a given Quest, you'll be prompted with a message. To send the quest and participate in the raffle, simply click the "Submit Entry" button.

Winner(s) will be normally announced on our Facebook fanpage and will receive their prize within a few days.

How to sign in?

  • Go to and wait for the stream to load up.
  • Click "Log In", which you can find in the top right corner. You must be logged in to participate.

  • Sign in with your Wargaming account information.
  • Once you've signed in you will return to the main streaming site. Now all you need to is click the "Quests" tab in the bottom-right corner to get started!

What type of quests are there, and how do you complete them?

Polls appear in the bottom left corner. Keep in mind, though, that they are posted at intervals during the whole stream and will only be there for 60 seconds up to 120 seconds per poll. The number of polls is superior to the number of polls necessary to complete the quest.

Social media share
Just share the show on Facebook or Twitter (depending on the quest objective).