James Grieve


James "RockStarx1" Grieve started as a caster for the WGL North America at the start of the 2016-2017 cycle. Before RockStar joined the World of Tanks community, he spent years competing in a wide variety of FPS tittles. RockStar, normally called just "rocks" by his friends and teammates, started playing World of Tanks in 2011.

He has led and called for his teams in just about every format in the game including Clan Wars, Clan League, Skirmishes, and the WGLNA Silver League.

Jordan Mays


Jordan Mays


Jordan has been a keen World of Tanks player, having played it on and off since the beta. Being no where near good enough to play WGL or any competitive format, he now plies his trade by talking about tanks in the APAC (best) region!

Jordy Versmesse


Daki is a big fan of World of Tanks since 2010 and a former pro player with success on the global scene. When not involved in playing, he acted as an analyst at the Grand Finals in 2015, Continental Rumble and Season 1 2015/2016 Finals.

As you know, Daki is currently one of the casters for WGL EU. In his free time he likes to stream some "high level" gameplay on his Twitch channel, and also dedicates time to his clan: FAME.

Luke Kneller


Known for being the voice of Best Replays of the Week and being very very loud, Luke has been involved in WoT eSports in one way or another since Ural Steel 2012. If you ever need something explained or just an entertaining story about nothing, Luke's your man.

Mihajlo Jugović


Mihajlo Jugović


His adventure with WoT started 6 years ago, right after the game came out officially, and this translates into the wealth of experience Mojo has today. Over those years he was involved in every WoT tournament either as a player or an analyst/caster.

In his, free time apart from obviously playing games, Mojo likes reading, mainly books based on history and science fiction. He also has a 14k YouTube channel where he teaches people how to play WoT by commenting games and giving tips. It is called ‘kursor TV’.

Randal Holcombe


Randal "Ruukil" Holcombe is an American veteran World of Tanks commentator, covering the WGL starting in 2013 after competing with SIMP as a scout specialist. Ruukil should be an old face to many veteran viewers as he casted several of the early seasons of Gold League.

In addition to commentary Randal, has worked behind the scenes on esports events worldwide. In 2016 he returned to the WGL and spent Season 1 behind the scenes before returning to the casting desk for Season 2.

Ryan Murphy

Desk Host

Ectar has been working in the games industry since 2008 when he started at Blizzard as a Games Master. In 2012 he moved to Paris to join Wargaming.net as a Community Coordinator and later became a Community Manager.

After participating in the 2016 EU Season Finals as an analyst and then the Grand Finals 2016 as an analyst and caster, Ectar joined ESL as a host and play by play caster for World of Tanks.

Matt Andrews


Matt is a stage host, desk host and caster who's presented multiple World Championships and Pro Leagues in North America, Europe and Asia, including one of the biggest esports events of all time to over 25m viewers. He also streams and runs a YouTube channel with behind the scenes AAA tours of esports events.

Matt loves live shows and loud audiences, and after seeing the Wargaming passion at GF 2016 and at Gamescom last year he's excited to hear the fans at the Grand Finals 2017.


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